The Fatal Five

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The Fatal Five

A group of 30th-Century super-villains who have battled the Legion of Super-Heroes on numerous occasions.

The Fatal Five are the Emerald Empress, Mano, the Persuader, Tharok, and Validus.

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Superboy and the Legion first encounter the Fatal Five during the titanic battle with the Sun-Eater. Enlisted by the Legion, the five villains betray the heroes but ultimately are neutralized when they fall to bickering among themselves (Adv No. 352-353, Jan-Feb 1967: "The Fatal Five, Parts I-III: To Save a Galaxy; An S.O.S. to Evil; and Slain by the Sun-Eater").

Imprisoned in another dimension due to the cataclysmic force of their own infighting, the Fatal Five escape to battle Superboy and the Legion by enslaving the population of Talok (Adv No. 365, Feb 1968: "Escape of the Fatal Five!"). Taking control of United Planets headquarters, they launch an all out attack on Legion HQ in order to steal a key that will control "every defensive weapon of every planet in the U.P.!" Although the Legion Clubhouse is almost destroyed, the villains are eventually defeated with the help of Shadow Lass but manage to evade capture (Adv No. 366, Mar 1968: "The Fight for the Championship of the Universe!").

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