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Two of the most powerful beings in the galaxy meet: Validus vs Superboy.


The destructive giant of the 30th century.

Validus is an enormous alien of mysterious origin, possessed of great power but limited intelligence. He is able to project lightning-like force beams from his head, with destructive effect.

Validus has been described as "the strangest of all living beings" and as "force personified." He is first encountered by Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes when they recruit him in their battle to halt the Sun-Eater from destroying Earth. Although capable of reason, Validus is highly succeptible to suggestion, and is easily swayed by a strong intellect or an empathic argument. After helping to defeat the Sun-Eater, he joins the Fatal Five, only to turn against them at the urging of Princess Projectra (Adv No. 352-353, Jan/Feb 1967 : "The Fatal Five, Parts I-III: To Save a Galaxy; An S.O.S. to Evil; Slain by the Sun-Eater").

"Validus is not truly evil! He has never been known to steal ... nor to kill and destroy with deliberate malice. But he is subject to seizures of apparent madness, during which he will obliterate everything in sight!"

Although apparently indestructible, Validus is powerless against Inertron, a futuristic metal.

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