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The 30th Century criminal and mass-murderer who wields a destructive power in his right hand. He is a member of the Fatal Five.

Superboy and Cosmic Boy discuss Mano. Image by Curt Swan & George Klein.

Mano was born on the planet Angtu. The polluted air of his world caused him to be born with a mutated hand. Mano, "with a touch of a glowing disc on his right hand, can completely annhilate any object!"

Ostracized by his society, and with his parents dead, Mano destroys his home planet and its inhabitants. Launching a career as an assassin, he is apprehended and sentenced to "have his deadly hand amputated by rocket guillotine," an action which, in the void of space, guarantees death to the criminal. However, Mano is saved by Ferro Lad who is acting on behave of the United Planets and Legion of Super-Heroes to recruit super-powerful beings to battle the world-destroying Sun-Eater.

At the urging of Ferro Lad, Superboy, and the other Legion members, Mano joins with other deadly villains into a grouping known as the Fatal Five to save Earth. Acting in concert with the Legion, and under the leadership of the villainus cyborg Tharok, the villains stave off the Sun Eater until it is destroyed by Ferro Lad. With the danger gone, and the super-heroes weakened, Mano and his fellow villains turn on the Legion. However, due to the heroic effort of Princess Projectra, the Fatal Five begin to battle each other, resulting in a "cataclysmic impact" that sends the villains across a "dimensional barrier" and "into some limbo" where they remain for some time (Adv No.352-353, Jan-Feb 1967: "The Fatal Five, Parts I-III: To Save a Galaxy; An S.O.S. to Evil; and Slain by the Sun-Eater").

Mano wears a yellow and red space-suit, emblazoned on the chest with a circular image of his hand. He wears a semi-transparent helmet which obscures his face and a protective glove that covers his deadly hand.

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