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Dev-Em: The Knave from Krypton!


Dev-Em is a powerful wild Kryptonian youth who sends Superboy into the Phantom Zone in order to destroy his reputation. Back on Krypton before it exploded Dev-Em was Jor-El's neighbor and a wild youth who loved to steal inventions from other people. Fearing that perhaps Jor-El was correct with his predictions of doom for Krypton, Dev-Em secretly steals Jor-El's scientific equipment in order to turn the lead-shielded bomb shelter in his backyard into an escape pod. He is, however, caught by baby Kal-El and gets in trouble for his crimes Dev-Em then vows revenge on Superbaby. When the planet finally explodes, he survives in suspended animation within his pod along with his parents until they reach Earth. Once there, he discovers that Superboy is Kal-El and decides to finally get even.

Dev-Em explains himself to Superboy:

Dev-Em speaks:

"I'm Dev-Em!...Remember?!!"'

Superboy replies:

"Dev-Em!! My super memory recalls you now! You're a wild Kryptonian youth I knew many years ago when I was a baby on Krypton! You haven't aged!"

Sneeringly, the rascally super-lad reveals how he and his parents survived the destruction of Krypton and came to Earth in a state of suspended animation...Then..!

Dev-Em sends Superboy into the Phantom Zone and "Dev-Em slips on the plastic mask he'd prepared earlier...

"I know you're here, Superboy, even if I can't see you! My face looks exactly like yours now, doesn't it?"

Dev-Em exacts his revenge and destroys Superboy's reputation.

Superboy is released from the Phantom Zone by Dev-Em who then happily flees to the 30th century with his parents. (See: Legion of Super-Heroes)

The people of Smallville reject Superboy and turn their backs on him due to his dastardly acts, Superboy tells them about Dev-Em but no one believes him. That is, except for Police Chief Parker who believes Superboy's story of Dev-Em and thus devises an elaborate ruse with a fake piece of Red Kryptonite which he uses to restore Superboy's reputation by blaming "Superboy's" (Dev-Em's) actions on the Red K's effects. Finally the people of Smallville forgive Superboy (Adv No. 287/1, Sep 1961: "War of the Superboys!"; Adv No. 288/1, Oct 1961: "The Knave from Krypton!").

Dev-Em has appeared in the following Superboy tales

  • (Adv No. 287/1, Sep 1961: "War of the Superboys!")
  • (Adv No. 288/1, Oct 1961: "The Knave from Krypton!")
  • (Adv No. 320/1, May 1964: "Part I: Revenge of the Knave from Krypton!" and "Part II: The Treachery of Molock the Merciless!")
  • (SB No. 128, Apr 1966: "The Twilight World of No Return!" and "The Team-Up of the Terrible Two!")

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