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aka Douglas Parker, Police Chief

The police chief of Smallville while Superman was a boy there (see Superboy). Now retired, Police Chief Parker devotes much of his time to his favorite hobby, whittling dramatic dioramas of Superman's teen-age adventures out of blocks of wood. When Metropolis television station WMET-TV inaugurates its new "Our American Heroes" series with a program honoring Superman, "our greatest American hero," Police Chief Parker appears on the show along with Superman's other friends and admirers—and proudly displays his hand-carved dioramas—to help pay tribute to the Man of Steel (Act No. 309, Feb 1964: "The Superman Super-Spectacular!"). On assignment for the Daily Planet in August 1964, Clark Kent and Lois Lane interview Police Chief Parker in order to obtain some little-known facts about Superman's boyhood (S No. 171/2: "The Curse of Magic!").

In June 1986, retired Police Chief Douglas Parker becomes the chair of the Smallville Chamber of Commerce and an article announces this on the front page of the Smallville Gazette. His grandson Chris Parker Hunt joins forces with Superman to convince Wayne King, Smallville resident and good friend of Clark Kent, to continue his job as high school social studies teacher (S. No. 420: "...and We are the Dreamers of the Dreams!").

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