The Super-Teacher from Krypton

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The Super-Teacher from Krypton

"...for now, Superboy must take lessons from the strangest school-master of all time...''

An electronic robot mentor constructed by Jor-El to teach his son how to use his powers when he grows up away from Krypton. The Super-Teacher survives the destruction of his world and arrives after years of searching to test Superboy. Using his ingenuity, Superboy passes the challenges, including the most important -- a willingness not to use his powers again (Adv No. 240, Sep 1957: "The Super-Teacher from Krypton!").

The Teacher returns again to test an older Superboy ("on the edge of manhood"). As an ultimate trial, the Super-Teacher is interested in Superboy's perceptions of what seems to be true and what is actually real. To this end, the Teacher sets up a situation using a false Earth girl, Misty, whom he creates, and members of the anthropoid species known as "bigfoot." Solving the elaborate ruse, including seeing the true nature of "bigfoot" and enduring the "death" of Misty (who he has fallen in love with), Superboy is called upon to use every ounce of his deduction and self-control. After having his emotions manipulated by the complicated and painful scenario, Superboy states to the Teacher, "don't call me Superboy, after what I've been through, I deserve to be called a man!" (recounted in DC Super Stars No. 12, Feb 1977: "Don't Call Me Superboy!")

The Super-Teacher appears a third time to test Supergirl. The Maid of Might's adventure involves exposing the Kryptonian cyborg's true identity, something she manages to do despite the Teacher's control over her own Super Robots (Adv No. 382, Jul 1969: "The Super-Team's Split Up"; "Supergirl's Super-Goofs!").

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