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The legendary Nazarite hero with super-strength.

In October 1956 Jimmy Olsen comes to believe that in a past life Samson was his "staunch friend" and crime-fighting partner in ancient Egypt. In order to track down a thief named Pyramid Petrus, "Jhimmie" summons Samson by blowing his "signal horn" and instructs the powerful hero to destroy a temple that is being used as a hideout by the crook. However, Jimmy later learns that his recollection of a past life as a scribe on "The Daily Hieroglyph" was the result of a "hypnotic suggestion" created by conman Swami Rama (SPJO No. 16/1: "The Three Lives of Jimmy Olsen").

A text for August 1961 contains an "imaginary tale" [see: Imaginary Stories] in which Superman journeys into the past to the eras of Hercules and Samson and then returns with them through the time barrier to the 20th century Metropolis as potential mates for Lois Lane and Lana Lang. Smitten at first sight with the two lovely modern women, Hercules and Samson beg Lois and Lana to marry them, and Lois and Lana accept, but the women soon prove to be so demanding and indecisive, and life with them promises to be such a continual torment, that the two heroes soon abandon their 20th century fiancées in favor of returning to their homes in the ancient past (Act No. 279, Aug 1961: "The Super-Rivals!").

In August 1962, two members of the Adult Legion of Super-Heroes, Cosmic Man and Lightning Man, pose as Hercules and Samson as part of an elaborate ruse, devised by Superman, in order to uncover the hiding place of Duke Marple's stolen loot and bring him to justice (S No. 155/2: "The Downfall of Superman!").

(See also Mighty Youth)

Samson appeared in the following Superman chronicles

  • (SPJO No. 16/1, Oct 1956: "The Three Lives of Jimmy Olsen")
  • (Adv No. 257, Feb 1959: "The First Two Supermen!")
  • (Act No. 279, Aug 1961: "The Super-Rivals!")
  • (S No. 155, Aug 1962: "The Downfall of Superman!")
  • (SA No. 6, 1963: "Superman of the Past!")
  • (SPJO No. 79, Sep 1964: "The Red-Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.!")
  • (Act No. 320, Jan 1965: "The Three Super-Enemies!")

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