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An alien race ruled by militant females who subject the males of their species to a fear radiation in order to dominate them.

In October 1976 a holographic emissary of the Quazar women declares that they are "the Amazons of space" who believe "all men must be subordinated to women! It is the most basic natural law!" Pursuant to this belief, the Quazar women subject Superman to a charge of fear radiation that infects all the males in Metropolis. In turn, the fearful Quazar men infuse Lucy Lane with a "dose of counter-radiation" that cancels out the "fear effect" and is spread by "momentary oral contact" with infected males. Lucy manages to innoculate Jimmy Olsen who must then, in the protective suit of Flamebird, battle a phobic Superman until Lucy can engage him orally in the form of a kiss, restoring order and leading to the defeat of the Quazar invasion of Earth (SF No. 179: "I Scared Superman to Death").

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