Princess Tlaca

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Supergirl vs. Princess Tlaca, 1974

Princess Tlaca

A bronze-skinned, super-powered Aztec warrior woman and foe of Supergirl, Princess Tlaca possesses a wide array of superhuman powers derived from the magnetic lines of force of the Earth, including teleportation, flight, super-strength, and the abilty to generate powerful fireballs from her hands. These powers are magnified and enhanced every time that the Aztec warrior woman is defeated by an opponent through a special form of meditation lasting 7 days.

In her only known encounter with the Girl of Steel, Princess Tlaca journeys from her home in the hidden valley in central Mexico where the last remnants of the Aztec society have flourished in secret since the time of the conquistadors. Her mission is to challenge Supergirl to battle and be puposely defeated so that she may use her mediatation techniques to become even more powerful than Supergirl, and thus able to defeat her in their second encounter so that she may be able to restore the power and prestige of the once great Aztec Empire to prominence, and then conquer the world.

Tracking Supergirl to the New Athens Experimental School shortly after the heroine has relocated there in her guise of Linda Lee Danvers, Tlaca is quickly dispatched in battle with Supergirl. After the battle, Supergirl turns the would-be conqueror over to the police, where, in their custody, she remains in a state of deep meditation for seven days as she augments her body to be more powerful than Supergirl.

Escaping police custody after the seven days, Tlaca again engages Supergirl after kinapping a student from the New Athens campus whom she intends to brainwash into her personal handmaiden. The battle is rough for Supergirl, as Tlaca seems to be able to outmatch and outclass the heroine at every turn until Supergirl realizes that the villains powers come from the Earth's magnetic lines of force. Fashioning a crude electromagnet, Supergirl again dispatches Tlaca and rescues the captive student. Supergirl later turns Tlaca back over to the police and she is imprisoned in a specially-designed electromagnetic jail-cell designed to rob her of her powers (SF No. 165, Jun/Jul 1974: "Princess of the Golden Sun!").

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