Lena Thorul

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Lena Thorul

(formerly Lena Luthor.)

Lex Luthor's younger sister. Lena and Lex's parents change their last name to an anagram of Luthor after Lex turns bad, further explaining to the infant Lena that her brother has perished in a mountain-climbing accident. Lena has telepathic abilities due to a close encounter with a space brain. She later marries an FBI agent, Jeff Colby.

Lena is a pretty blonde, sometimes depicted with a small beauty mark on her right cheek.

Lena is a good friend of Linda Lee Danvers. Lena is completely unaware that she is Lex Luthor's sister and that her family's former name is Luthor. Lex, a concerned big brother, sometimes secretly monitors Lena's activities from his cell in Metropolis Prison (MM).

In February 1961 Lena meets Lois Lane while working as a librarian in "the New England town of Cardiff." Struck by Lena's resemblance to Louella Thompson, an ancient witch, Lois resolves to write a story about Lena. However, after a string of eerie coincidences, including the disappearance of her camera and typewriter, Lois becomes convinced that Lena is the reincarnation of the witch and has put a curse on her. Investigating with Clark Kent, Lois hears of Lex Luthor's escape from prison. Later, when Lois and Clark (as Superman) confront Luthor, the arch-criminal tells the story of his sister's life and confesses to trying to frighten Lois remotely, "using fantastic rays." Exposed, Luthor makes a strange appeal: "Let me continue to protect Lena from the stigma of being exposed as Luthor's sister! It's the only decent thing I've ever done!" Please ...!!" (SGLL No. 23/2: "The Curse of Lena Thorul!").

Lena Thorul has appeared in the following Superman comics

  • SGLL No. 23/2, Feb 1961: "The Curse of Lena Thorul!"
  • Act No. 295, Dec 1962: "The Girl with the X-Ray Mind!"
  • Act No. 296, Jan 1963: "The Girl Who Was Supergirl's Double!"
  • Act No. 297, Feb 1963: "The Forbidden Weapons of Krypton!"
  • Act No. 298, Mar 1963: "The Super-Powers of Lex Luthor!"
  • Act No. 300, May 1963: "The Return of Super-Horse!"
  • Act No. 301, Jun 1963: "The Secret Identity of Super-Horse!"
  • S No. 162, Jul 1963: "The Anti-Evil Ray!"
  • Act No. 313, Jun 1964: "Lena Thorul, Jungle Princess!"
  • Act No. 317, Oct 1964: "The Great Supergirl Double-Cross!"
  • SF No. 168, Jan 1975: "The Girl with the See-Through Mind!"
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