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"A sinister individual" who presides over a bloodthirsty band of fanatical Arab assassins and who is headquartered in a secret "desert stronghold" somewhere in the Sahara. His "thirst for radium drives him to any lengths to get it," and his mastery of its awesome secrets enables him "to perform such miracles as total disintegration," as of a person or object, and "controlling the weather," as when his Arab minions produce a blinding snowstorm in Metropolis in the middle of summer.

To obliterate their enemies, Zolar and his henchmen employ the so-called "globe gun," a hideous implement of total destruction which releases fiery spheres whose deadly "blinding rays" have the power to disintegrate a human being completely and even to render Superman unconscious.

Because the peace-loving inhabitants of Ulonda—a fabulous "lost city" nestled in some "unexplored portion of the Sahara Desert"—are known to have stockpiled a vast quantity of radium, Zolar and his Arabs swoop down upon the city in a fleet of heavily armed "sky-ships," causing "awful destruction" and the wholesale loss of innocent lives until finally Superman thwarts Zolar's evil scheme of conquest and brings about the destruction of his entire aerial armada. His fanatical army crushed, Zolar dies when a fiery globe-gun sphere fired at Superman by the villain's lovely assistant rebounds off Superman's mighty chest, annihilating both Zolar and his henchwoman (Act No. 30, Nov 1940).

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