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Action Comics No. 351 by Curt Swan


Zha-Vam is one of most fearsome opponents to ever challenge Superman, an amalgamation of the power and arrogance of the Olympian gods. In the distant past, the Oracle of Delphi shows the mighty gods Zeus, Hercules, Achilles, Vulcan, Apollo, and Mercury that because of Superman's future heroism, the gods will be forgotten and the people of Earth will come to hail the Man of Tomorrow in their stead. Shocked by this vision, the gods convince Prometheus to mold a figure of clay and they transform it into a mighty and powerful titan named Zha-Vam, an ultimate champion to defeat and humiliate Superman. Zha-Vam's name signifies the first letters of the names of the six jealous Olympian gods and heroes who inbue him with their separate powers. The gods also give Zha-Vam a magic belt with which he can summon the abilities of the immortals of many ancient lands simply by pressing a corresponding letter on the belt. In addition, Zha-Vam constructs a Kryptonite sock to protect his "Achille's Heel" and preserve his invulnerability.

When Zha-Vam springs to the 20th century to engage the Man of Steel, Superman discovers that all his powers are not enough to defeat him and silence the gloating gods. However, after Superman travels to the past to discover the source of Zha-Vam's origin (in order to even the odds), he enlists the aid of Zeus's jealous rivals, including Pluto, Neptune, and the titan Atlas. They give Superman a unique magic belt of his own to use against Zha-Vam, helping the Man of Tomorrow to finally defeat him and lay his beaten body at the feet of the shocked Olympians (Act No. 351, Jun 1967: "Zha-Vam the Invincible!"; Act No. 352, Jul 1967: "The Victory of Zha-Vam!"; Act No. 353, Aug 1967: "The Battle of the Gods!").

(See also Marvel Family of Earth-S; Captain Thunder)

Zha-Vam appeared in the following Comics

  • Act No. 351, Jun 1967: "Zha-Vam the Invincible!"
  • Act No. 352, Jul 1967: "The Victory of Zha-Vam!"
  • Act No. 353, Aug 1967: "The Battle of the Gods!"
  • S No. 214, Feb 1969: "The Ghosts That Haunted Superman!"
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