Zachary Barnes

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Zachary Barnes

Zachary Barnes with Minerva and Clark Kent. Art by Wayne Boring, 1951.

A persistent suitor of Minerva Kent, the sister of Jonathan Kent and, therefore, the adoptive aunt of Clark Kent who is secretly Superman. Barnes follows Miss Kent to Metropolis from "the coast" in order to attempt to woo her. Minerva rejects him claiming, "[M]y first duty is to look after Clark! He needs my care, and I can't leave him!" Barnes then tries to impress her by, with Superman's help, pretending to be a daredevil stunt driver. Minerva comes to realize how much she cares for Barnes, but expresses continued concern for her nephew's well-being. Superman manages to convince her to marry Barnes and return to "the coast" by promising to look after Clark (Act No. 160, Sep 1951: "Superman's Aunt Minerva!").

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