Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Secret Identity: Diana Prince.

DC Comics Presents No. 9
All-New Collectors' Edition No. C-54: Superman vs Wonder Woman artwork by José Luis Garcia-Lopez

An Amazonian princess from Paradise Island, Wonder Woman was a sensation from the very first (first appearance, All Star Comics No. 8, Dec 1941/Jan 1942: "Introducing Wonder Woman"). Whether battling America's enemies during World War II or fighting alongside the Justice League of America or assisting Superman's struggle against the Sand Creature from Quarrm, this bountiful beauty is a close ally and personal friend of Superman's.

Her arsenal includes a magic lariat which forces her prisoners to tell the truth, an invisible robot plane and her magic bracelets which can repel bullets.

Wonder Woman's natural Amazonian abilities include super strength, top physical conditioning, durability and speed.

The Amazing Amazon's one true love is Steve Trevor (DCCP No. 32, Apr 1981: "The Super-Prisoners of Love").

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