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Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl.

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl is an orphan who is rescued from a fire by Wonder Woman and raised on Paradise Island by Queen Hippolyta as her own (first appearance: The Brave and the Bold No. 60, Jun/Jul 1965: "The Astounding Separated Man"). She is given Amazon powers from a Purple Healing Ray, and when she becomes a teenager, decides to go to America and help her older sister fight crime. She is a member of the original and the new Teen Titans. Wonder Girl is secretly photographer Donna Troy. In August 1983, Wonder Girl and the rest of the Titans help Superman and the Justice League of America battle Brainiac (Act No. 546: "Showdown").

Strangely, in Wonder Woman's own earlier chronicles, a "Wonder Girl" identical in appearance is actually Wonder Woman herself as a teen (see Wonder Woman No. 105/1, Apr 1959: "The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman!"; and subsequent stories).

Wonder Girl with the new Teen Titans has appeared in the following Superman Chronicles

  • Act No. 532, Jun 1982: "H.I.V.E. and Go Seek!"
  • Act No. 536, Oct 1982: "Battle Beneath the Earth!"
  • Act No. 546, Aug 1983: "Showdown!"

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