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Time Travel Spinning Aha - it's from the Superboy tale at STTAS.

Hey there...


I wanted to drop a line and say hello. My name is Jamie and I am an admin at a similar site called the DC Database Project. I was so excited when I found another wiki for comic books! We are few and far between. I was really hoping you might have a look around our site and tell me what you think...

Also, in the interest of sharing knowledge with the world, I was hoping you might be interested in working together. Our site is not focused at all on Superman and we certainly could use a place to direct our readers when we are missing something about the man in blue.
Let me know...


--Batai 23:42, 27 February 2006 (EST)
Email me

Thank you

You know if Monkey-Boy would've been courteous and explained rather than exhibiting a higher-then-thou approach initially, this would have been appreciated. Snobs as moderators aren't the most effective when dealing with the Great Unwashed, lol. Super Monkey of Earth-2 12:39, 17 December 2006 (EST)

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