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about the Professor Amos Dunn entry, There were no typos, that is the way it was written word for word, letter for letter in TGSB.--Super Monkey 22:07, 6 July 2006 (EDT)

If you are going to add TGSB to entries, please check to see if the entry actually came from there, assuming is not always correct. Again, please check on these actions that you decide to massively enact in the Supermanica forums. - MatterEaterLad

Many of the entries that may look like they came from TGSB but they are in fact 100% original. When I add entries from comics, I always try to copy the writing style of TGSB as best I can, and others here also do the same. The idea is the make it look like it could have come from TGSB. That's not a rule, no one has to do it that way, but I find that it makes writing the entries more fun for me. So it is a good idea to double check.--Super Monkey 13:56, 23 July 2007 (EDT)

Also, please check with the original authors when deciding to replace images. In many cases the author will agree, but i know that I try to spend time cropping and re-coloring images and shrinking them to appropriate sizes for the entry...not only to look balanced but to avoid directly ripping off other site's images when possible. And again, there is a Supermanica Forum for discussing changes. -MatterEaterLad

I apologize. I often get so into my late night editing sessions that I feel a bit power-hungry. Seriously, in the future I will try to be more considerate.--DrJohnnyDiablo

In many cases I work pretty hard to research and write new articles and to edit images and save them in smaller formats. I don't like it when someone assumes that its from TGSB and edits the work I put in. I've also worked with other like Supermonkey to fill in entries from scratch, like taking the 70s stories on for Batman and he took the original stories up through the 60s. Along the way, we communicated about categories and images. Its a group effort. - MattereaterLad

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