Ultra-Humanite of Earth-2

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[[Image:Ultra-Humanite as Dolores.jpg|thumb|left|The Ultra-Humanite in [[Dolores Winters]] body]]
[[Image:Ultra-Humanite as Dolores.jpg|thumb|left|The Ultra-Humanite in [[Dolores Winters]]' body]]
'''Ultra Humanite of Earth-2'''
'''Ultra Humanite of Earth-2'''

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The Ultra-Humanite in Dolores Winters' body

Ultra Humanite of Earth-2

The villainous Parallel-World counterpart of the Ultra-Humanite; the mind-transferring super-scientist who is the sworn enemy of the Superman of Earth-2.

In a text for May/June 1980, the Ultra-Humanite, in the body of actress Dolores Winters, kidnaps the Bruce Wayne of Earth-2 from the apartment building of Clark and Lois Kent. Planning to take over Wayne's body with the ultimate goal of using his "vast financial and industrial empire" to acheive "world domination," the Ultra-Humanite is interrupted by Superman. Arresting the molecular motion of Superman with an absolute zero freeze machine, the Ultra-Humanite is finally defeated by Lois who figures out the plot just in time to save her husband Superman and knock-out the villain (SF No. 201/2: "The Enigma of the Empty Elevator!").

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