The Gang

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The Gang

The Gang is a quartet of costumed criminals who grew up together in poverty on the South Side of Chicago. Determined to make themselves wealthy by any means necessary, but to avoid imprisonment, the four young people worked hard at developing their talents and adopted the nicknames given to them by other kids. Finally, they make their public debut on missions for the criminal organization called the Council.

The Gang's four members are: Brains, the team's leader and a woman with no apparent super powers, yet who is a brilliant criminal strategist and inventive genius; Ms. Mesmer, a master hypnotist who is aided by a disk she wears; and Bulldozer and Kong, the two men of the group, who are both superhumanly strong, although neither is a match for Supergirl (Bulldozer specializes in plowing into opponents and objects, while Kong excels at lifting enormous weights; Kong is also known to wear a bulletproof costume).

The Gang is defeated by Supergirl shortly after she relocates to Chicago, but Brains escaped capture and remains at large (DNAS No. 4, Feb 1983: "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!").

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