The Curator and Apprentice-Prime

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The Curator and Apprentice-Prime

A villainous scientist and his chief henchmen who steal cities for display and study. Members of a group known as the Preservers, not only do they succeed in abducting cities from throughout the galaxy, they also capture Earth cities from the past and present and take Kandor from the Fortress of Solitude. The Curator controls a number of destructive robots intended to thwart any heroic interference in the "order" of their "exhibits" as well as dissection androids for the biological study of the inhabitants.

The Preservers are only defeated when Kandorians, Phantom Zone Criminals, Superman, Supergirl, and Krypto combine forces and slip out of Kandor to yellow sun cities - restoring the power they need to stop the Curator and his evil minions (SF No. 190, Jul/Aug 1978: "The Museum of Eternity!").

The Curator of this tale is different than the Curator identity assumed by Superboy's old nemesis, Humpty Dumpty.

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