The Atoman of Earth-2

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The Atoman (of Earth-2)

Superman vs. Atoman!

Heinrich Melch, a Nazi soldier in the Second World War who, following Germany's 1945 defeat is injected with a serum derived from Kryptonite in order to avenge the Third Reich by defeating American superhero Superman. This serum gives Melch greatly amplified strength and speed, the ability to fly and to project bolts of Kryptonite radiation. Melch is sent to masquerade as American journalist Henry Miller and join the staff of the Metropolis Daily Star. Atoman fights Superman several times before his powers burn out and leave him in a death-like state of suspended animation during a final battle with the Man of Tomorrow. Superman buries Atoman in a lead-lined coffin. Somehow, Atoman's unconscious struggles to awaken set up vibrations allowing him and his coffin to cross the dimensional barriers that separate his native Earth-2 from Earth-1. During his transition between Earths, the Atoman's powers are amplified and with his Kryptonite-based energy powers, he becomes a very dangerous enemy of the Earth-1 Man of Steel, unaware that he is in a parallel universe. The "World's Finest Team" of Superman and Batman is able to defeat the Atoman with the assistance of the Earth-2 versions of Superman and Robin (WF No. 271, Sep 1981: "The Secret Origins of the Superman-Batman Teams!").

Note: Apparently, the Earth-1 Superman somehow subconsciously picked up on Atoman's thoughts years before actually meeting him. These subconscious impressions lead him to design a costume for his robotic creation Powerman nearly identical to that worn by Atoman (WF No. 94, May/Jun 1958: "The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team!"; WF No. 271, Sep 1981: "The Secret Origins of the Superman-Batman Teams!").

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