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A lovely blonde superheroine from the far-distant planet Zor—clad in an orange minidress, green cape, and green gloves, with the white letter "T" on a black background emblazoned on her chest—who journeys to Earth in March-April 1953, as a gesture of interplanetary goodwill, with the intention of apprehending the "Bowtie" Barris gang, a gang of vicious criminals who, with the aid of a hijacked experimental tank, have been terrorizing Metropolis with a series of spectacular crimes. Complications arise for Superman, however, owing to the fact that although Tharka possesses super-powers on her home planet, she is only an ordinary human in Earth's greater gravity, and Superman feels compelled to aid the visiting heroine surreptitiously so that she will not appear to fail in her mission. Ultimately, he and Tharka apprehend the Barris gang, leaving Tharka free to return to Zor in triumph (S No. 81/3: "The Superwoman from Space").

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