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Lois Lane's eight-year-old niece (Act No. 59, Apr 1943: "Cinderella -- a la Superman"; Act No. 68, Jan 1944: "Superman Meets Susie!"), a freckle-faced youngster with an overactive imagination who is forever making mischief by concocting tall tales (other appearances include S No. 40, May/Jun 1946: "The Mxyztplk - Susie Alliance"; S No. 95, Feb. 1955: "Susie's Enchanted Isle"). Her hair, which is sometimes red (Act No. 59, Apr 1943: “Cinderella--a la Superman!”; and others) and sometimes brown (Act No. 68, Jan 1944: “Superman Meets Susie!”; S No. 40/1, May/Jun 1946: “The Mxyztplk-Susie Alliance!”), is usually worn in pig- tails (Act No. 68, Jan 1944: “Superman Meets Susie!”; and others), although not always (Act No. 59, Apr 1943: “Cinderella -- a la Superman!”).

Susie, whom Lois Lane once describes as “my sister’s little girl,” lives somewhere out in “the country” and occasionally comes to Metropolis to visit her Aunt Lois (Act No. 68, Jan 1944: “Superman Meets Susie!”; and others).

In Act No. 484, Jun 1977 ("Superman Takes a Wife!"), Susie appears at the wedding of the Clark Kent and Lois Lane of Earth-2 as a flower girl; in this tale, it is revealed that Susie's mother is Lucille Tompkins, the married Lucy Lane of Earth-2.

Appearances of Susie Tompkins

  • Act No.59, Apr 1943: "Cinderella -- a la Superman"
  • Act No.68, Jan 1944: "Superman Meets Susie"
  • S No.40, May-Jun 1946: "The Mxyztplk-Susie Alliance"
  • Act No.98, Jul 1946: "Starring Susie"
  • S No.47, Jul-Aug 1947: "Susie Reforms"
  • S No.95, Feb 1955: "Susie's Enchanted Isle"
  • Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!"
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