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A city on a southern continent of Krypton named for the flowers that grew there: the Surrus Blossoms. As Superman explains to Green Lantern and Black Canary in April 1971:

     These plants could sing... made the most beautiful
music anyone had ever heard! The living was easy, and
the citizens spent most of their waking hours simply...

Twelve years before the destruction of Krypton a renowned scientist in Surrus, Doctor Mo-De, discovered, "great tensions are building in the core of Krypton!--Tensions which could end in an explosion that will destroy everything!" But the people of Surrus were so mesmerized by the music of the flowers that they did not listen to Mo-De. When he tried to destory the flowers, the people locked him in a glass building surrounded by the flowers. When they released him, Mo-De no longer cared about Krypton's impending doom and was content only to listen to the flowers. (S 236/2: "The Doomsayer!")

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