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aka The Superman of 2966, aka The Superman of 2967, a direct descendant of present-day Superman.

Superman 2965, whose adventures took place in the 30th century appeared in Superman No. 181, Action Comics Nos. 338 & 339, and World's Finest Comics No. 166. His secret identity and origin was introduced in Superman No. 181.

His "daringly different" secret identity was Klar Ken T5477 and he worked for the Daily Interplanetary News. His colleagues included Lyra 3916, who was mad for Klar but despised Superman, whom she considered a "piffle-diffle" (future slang for a conceited person), and Jay L-338. They toiled for a super computer PW-5598 who was programmed to behave like (and was created in memory of) Perry White. Superman's weakness was no longer Kryptonite, but sea water which was contaminated with radiation after an atomic war. This lethal radiation was also present in the seas of other worlds. His principal foe was Muto, the super-intellectual mutant who was born in a dimensional rift.

In World's Finest Comics No. 181, Superman 2967 teamed up with Future Batman to defeat Future Joker.

Superman 2965/66/67 is not an imaginary story, parallel world, hoax or dream but an eddy in the timestream of classic Superman mythos.

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