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A group of alien criminals who bound together to exact revenge upon the Last Son of Krypton first as the Superboy Revenge Squad and later as the Superman Revenge Squad. It is a loosly knit organization of extraterrestrial villains, founded originally by the warlike inhabitants of the planet Wexr II but now comprised of aliens from many planets, who have for years, ever since Superman was a teenager, sought to wreak vengeance on the Man of Steel in retaliation for his having repeatedly thwarted their attempts to subjugate peaceful planets and "dominate the universe" (Act No. 287, Apr 1962: "Perry White's Manhunt for Superman!" and others). In the words of one Squad member:

  We of the Superman Revenge Squad have tried for
  decades to get even with Superman!  We have hated him
  ever since, as Superboy, he stopped [us] from conquering
  peaceful planets in outer space!  Our squad has tried
  to destroy him many times--but we've always failed! [Act
  No. 295, Dec 1962: "Superman Goes Wild!"].

In early chronicles the Revenge Squad members generally appear has humanoids though the text makes it clear that they are all from alien worlds. At one point the members shaved their heads in imitation of Superman's greatest foe, Lex Luthor, and donned custumes like the one worn by Superman himself except that their chest emblems glowed green like Kryptonite. (WF No. 175/1 May 1968 "The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads"). In later chronicles the Revenge Squad members are typically alien in appearance.

The members of the Superman Revenge Squad are fully aware that Clark Kent is secretly Superman (Act No. 286, Mar 1962: "The Jury of Super-Enemies!"; and others).

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