Superman Revenge Squad

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A group of alien criminals who bound together to extract revenge upon the Last Son of Krypton first as the Superboy Revenge Squad and later as the Superman Revenge Squad.

In early chronicles the Revenge Squad members generally appear has humanoids though the text makes it clear that they are all from alien worlds. At one point the members shaved their heads in imitation of Superman's greatest foe, Lex Luthor, and donned custumes like the one worn by Superman himself except that their chest emblems glowed green like Kryptonite. (WF No. 175/1 May 1968 "The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads"). In later chronicles the Revenge Squad members are typically alien in appearance.

Appearances: (as Superboy Revenge Squad) SB Nos. 94, 114, 118, NSB Nos. 32,54 (as Superman Revenge Squad) Act Nos, 287, 295, 300, SPJO Nos. 163, 165, S Nos. 163, 165, Act No. 313, SGLL No. 52, SPJO No. 83, S No. 322, Act No. 343, S. No. 198, WF No. 175, Act Nos. 367, 380, 445, 501, S Nos. 367, 368, 414

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