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A display in the Superman Museum of some of Superman's foes, as seen in Superman #271 (Jan 1974). Art by Curt Swan.

Also known in some texts as "The Superman Hall of Trophies."

A museum devoted to Superman and located in the heart of Metropolis. The Superman Museum features trophies, statuaries, and artifacts of the legend of Superman. It features, among other things, a statue of Superman holding aloft a globe of Krypton (S No. 169/1, May 1964: “The Infernal Imp!”).

The museum was founded by world-famous explorer, Stefan Andriessen. (Act No. 164, Jan 1952: "Superman's Hall of Trophies")

It is here that Joe Meach, also known as the Composite Superman, toils as a janitor.

In 1974, Lex Luthor and the Parasite both paid separate visits to the Superman Museum in disguise, but only as part of brief lulls before launching their next attacks on Superman. (S No. 271, Jan 1974: "The Man Who Murdered Metropolis!")

By August-September 1979, the Superman Museum has become a secret hideout for the criminal organization known as The 100. They are consequently rooted out of their subterranean hiding place by Metropolis hero Black Lightning. (WF No. 258/2, Aug-Sept 1979: "The Blood of the Lamb!")

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