Smallville High School

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Smallville High School

The high school located in Smallville that Clark Kent, Lana Lang and Pete Ross attended in their youth.

Clark Kent's "buddy" Wayne King was a fellow Smallville High School student who, by June 1986; after Clark Kent had moved to Metropolis and become a reporter for the Daily Planet; became social studies teacher at the school. Courses that he teaches include Fourth Period American History. The school Principal at this time is Mr. Herman (S. No. 420: "...and We are the Dreamers of the Dreams!").

By June 1986, the Audio-Visual Department at the High School has used a federal grant to install a complex system of cameras throughout the school building that can by used from a central location in the Audio-Visual room to see events that take place within the school (S. No. 420: "...and We are the Dreamers of the Dreams!").

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