Skyboy (Tharn)

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For other uses of the term Skyboy, see Skyboy (disambiguation)


Skyboy (Tharn)

The name given by Superman to a teenager from outer space, endowed with superhuman powers similar to Superman's, who arrives on the planet Earth in January-February 1958 afflicted with total amnesia as the result of a collision between his spacecraft and an oncoming meteor. Skyboy, who ultimately recovers his memory with Superman's help, is in reality Tharn, the son of a lawman on the far-distant planet Kormo who dispatched his son to Earth to alert its inhabitants to the recent arrival on Earth of a band of interplanetary outlaws led by the villainous Rawl. On Earth, Rawl and his bandits stage a series of spectacular thefts of copper, Kormo's most precious metal, before they are finally apprehended through the heroic efforts of Superman, Skyboy, Batman, and Robin (WF No. 92: "The Boy from Outer Space!").

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