Rajah Satdev

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Rajah Satdev

Lois Lane contemplates another possible marital mistake

An alien from the planet Nferino who posses possesses horns, a tail, and cloven hooves. In August, 1970, he manages to successfully charm Lois Lane for a time, in spite of her suspicions that he may in reality be the devil. When Superman investigates the matter, a bullet accidentally strikes Lois, apparently killing her.

Satdev gives Lois a potion that causes her to adopt his appearance as him and then takes her to his homeworld in order to wed. Superman, believing her dead, gives her a memorial ring with a declaration of his affection engraved on it. Lois is touched by this effort and returns to Earth (SGLL No. 102, Jul 1970: "When You're Dead, You're Dead!"; SGLL No. 103, Aug 1970: "The Devil's Bride!").

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