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"...a state of alternate possibilities; a place where neither men nor things exist....only unformed, shapeless beings!" (I-Ching)

Quarrm is an alternate dimensional realm that is normally separate from Earth. An energy rift caused by a freak chain reaction that changes all of the earth's Kryptonite to iron establishes a momentary link with Quarrm. This initial tear in dimensional borders causes the formation of the Sand Superman. (S No. 233/1, Jan 1971: "Superman Breaks Loose")

The gateway to Quarrm closes

As Superman realizes the sand alter ego is siphoning his power, Wonder Woman's spiritual mentor I-Ching arrives to heal the weakening Man of Steel, and establish that the phenomenon is due to the previous contact with the Quarrm realm. (S No. 240/1 Jul 1971: "To Save a Superman"; S No. 241/1, Aug 1971: "The Shape of Fear!")

A new portal allows another shapeless entity to enter the world, this time invading and animating a Chinese war idol from a parade in New York City. This gigantic demon is eventually forced to return to Quarrm by Superman and the Sand Superman. Thanks to a powerful hypnotic illusion projected by I-Ching, Superman and the Sand Superman realize that the Sand Superman must leave Earth and return to his original home. This final act seals the gateway to the dimensional realm. (S No. 242, Sep 1971: "The Ultimate Battle")

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