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Professor Kimda. A brilliant Kryptonian scientist, as well as the former college roommate of Superman's father Jor-El, and who was residing in the bottle city of Kandor when it was abducted by the space villain Braniac, and then shrunk and placed in a bottle aboard Braniac's space-craft prior to the destruction of the planet Krypton. Much like the rest of the city, Kimda continued his way of life as best he could within the bottle, (supposedly continuing to conduct experiments in his laboratory). When Superman discovered the city during his first battle with Braniac - when he was shrunk to a small size aboard Braniac's space-craft and forced to hide - it was Kimda who explained to him how Kandor had come to be in it's current predicament. With Kimda's help, and with the use of a powerful rocket and a Metal-Eating Mole from Kandor's zoo was Superman able to break free from the bottle. Restoring Metropolis and other Earth cities to their normal size on his adopted homeworld (after being shrunk by Braniac), Superman was left with a dilemna as to whether to use the last of energy from Braniac's Hyper-Ray to restore himself or Kandor to normal size. However, using a small rocket of his own, Kimda ultimately decided this for him by using the ray on Superman because after all, Kandor "could not let Earth be deprived of it's greatest super-hero!". (Action Comics No. 242, July 1958, "The Super-Duel In Space").

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