Niagara Falls

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Superman swimming up the Niagara Falls

A spectacular cataract, celebrated for its grandeur and beauty, which forms part of the boundary between the United States and Canada, separating the state of New York from the Canadian province of Ontario.

In May 1948 Superman swims up Niagara Falls using a “spinning stroke” at such phenomenal speed that the water about him vaporizes into clouds of steam, thus making it impossible for unscrupulous movie producer Mike Foss to capture the feat on film (Act No. 120: “Superman, Stunt Man!”).

In June-July 1950 Mister Seven robs a hotel at Niagara Falls and escapes over the falls in a padded barrel, but he and his lone accomplice are soon apprehended by Superman (WF No. 46: “The Seven Crimes of Mister 7!”).

In September-October 1957 Superman goes over the falls trying to scare off Batwoman who was following him trying to discover his secret identity. (WF No. 90: “The Super-Batwoman”);

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