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On the set of an "Emotion-Movie"

Kryptonian Movies

The motion picture industry on Krypton closely resembles that of Earth. The chronicles reveal that movies are filmed with cameras that appear to be devices that capture pictures and sound on photographic film. There may be extra effects, as Lyla Lerrol is said to be a star of "Emotion-Pictures" when Superman finds himself trapped in Krypton's past (S No. 141, Nov 1960: "Superman's Return to Krypton!").

Like Earth's "3-D" movies, an enhanced experience is also possible. For example, when Jimmy Olsen is exiled in Kandor, he visits a cinema house that shows "Really Movies", movies that not only convey two-dimensional images and sound but also enable patrons to experience touch, smell, and taste (SPJO No. 53/1, Jun 1961: "The Boy in the Bottle!").

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