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A super-powered teenager wearing a yellow and green costume who possesses powers equal to those of Superboy. Mighto was born on the planet Ulgar and is the only child of evil scientists Yorth and Reena. Like all Ulgarians, Mighto possesses a host of superhuman powers equivalent to those possessed by a Kryptonian, including super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, the power of flight, super-intelligence, and super-hypnosis. Ulgarians while under Earth’s atmosphere are affected by music, much the same way that Kryptonite affects a super-powered Kryptonian.

Superboy first encounters Mighto when he is called to the planet Nyza by its people after the statue of one of their greatest leaders is stolen by a costumed super-criminal called Mighto. When Superboy locates the missing statue, he confronts the crook. During the confrontation, Mighto reveals to the Boy of Steel that he stole the statue because it is composed of the rare element Oxium which is needed in order for him to complete a devastating weapon called “Experiment X”. During the brief battle between the two super-youths, Mighto claims to have been the first adopted son of the Kents and he also threatens to reveal Superboy’s secret identity of Clark Kent.

Returning to Earth, Superboy confronts his foster parents, who don‘t seem to recall Mighto. However, Superboy soon discovers that they have been under the influence of a post-hypnotic suggestion placed upon them by Mighto, and learns that his foster parents took in Mighto, who they believed is a child named Tim Tates. Yorth and Reena, while disguised as an Earth couple named the Tates, were employed by the Kents as farmhands on the Kent farm and were secretly working on “Experiment X”. When it appeared as though the Ulgarian authorities would apprehend them, the two evil scientists abandoned their son for the Kents to find him and ordered him to continue to work on their device while they allowed themselves to be captured. The Kents took young “Tim” in and soon discover that he possesses amazing superhuman powers. While wreaking havoc upon the Kents house, destroying a record player in the process, and later Smallville in his quest to complete his parents device, the super-intelligent toddler reveals to the Kents his true intelligence, but because he has developed a sentimental attachment towards the couple, he hypnotizes them into forgetting him instead of destroying them.

Confronted by Superboy once more, time Mighto uses an experimental gas to create a time warp, bringing dinosaurs to present day Earth. Superboy rescues the Kents, but is felled by Kryptonite. The Kents pretend to side with Mighto, then use a music box to defeat him. Superboy, having discovered that music was Mighto’s weakness, told the Kents to use the music box to incapacitate the criminal. Superboy soon after returns Mighto to his home planet where his powers are removed, and he is incarcerated with his parents (SB No.108/1, Oct 1963: "The Kents’ First Super-Son").

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