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In October 1961, Bizarro announces that he will create a new Bizarro World TV series about “Great Heroes of Past” such as the Abominable Snowman and the Frankenstein Monster. He decides to travel through the time barrier into Earth’s past to learn about these great "heroes" in order to write stories for his new television show.

Bizarro goes in search of the Frankenstein Monster, or as he calls him Frankenstein, but the “poor addle-brained Bizarro doesn’t realize that the Frankenstein monster was a fictional character that never existed!” Nevertheless, he travels to the year 1818 where the Idiot of Steel sees what he believes to be a clue to the famous monster’s whereabouts, in a form of a bolt in front of a house. As Bizarro picks up the bolt, he is struck by lightning and the “booming thunderbolts awakens a woman” who bears witness to the event. She says to herself “A Monster!..Oh! That..That Gh..Ghastly Face..!” Bizarro is discouraged at not finding his heroes and flies back to the present, but “to the woman it seems as if Bizarro simply vanished”.


She thinks to herself “That-that ghastly, frightening figure! That unforgettable monstrous face! Did I imagine it? Wait! That apparition and that name he uttered… Frankenstein..has given me a weird inspiration!”.

“Immediately, she sits down to write a fantastic, terrifying novel, fated to thrill many millions of readers for many generations…”the woman is none other than Mary W. Shelley and the novel is of course Frankenstein! (Adv No.289, Oct 1961: “Bizarro’s Amazing Buddies!”).

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