Lyla Lerrol

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from Superman 141 1960 Art by Wayne Boring

"Krypton's most famous emotion-movie actress" and "most glamorous beauty," a "hauntingly beautiful," "breathtakingly lovely girl" with whom Superman shares a passionate, poignant romance after having journeyed through the time-space barrier to the planet Krypton at a time preceding its destruction. Stranded for a time on his doomed native planet, Superman manages ultimately to escape the death of Krypton through a bizarre quirk of fate, while Lyla Lerrol—like Jor-El and Lara and all the other doomed millions of Krypton—remains helplessly behind to perish in the impending cataclysm.

As chronicled in the tale "Superman's Return to Krypton" (same title, different return) from Superman 141 1960.

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"Superman's Return to Krypton" from Superman 141 [1]

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