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Lubane, a munitions magnate, hires Bartow to get any special weapons for fighting in Boravia. While fighting Superman, he dies by dropping a sample of the special gas-mask-penetrating gas he was trying to use in the war (S No. 2/2, Sep 1939).

A ruthless "munitions magnate" who deliberately promotes wars and bloody conflicts throughout the world in order to reap. lavish profits from "the death and misery of others." His headquarters is a sprawling munitions factory in far-off Boravia, "a small country," apparently European, which is "exhausting its life blood in [a] senseless civil war" brought about by Lubane's evil machinations. Flying to Boravia in Fall 1939, after a gang of vicious international "armament racketeers" in Lubane's employ have brutally murdered Professor Adolphus Runyan and stolen the secret formula for his dread new poison gas, Superman demolishes Lubane's munitions factory with a barrage of "aircraft bombs," brings an end to Boravia's senseless civil war by threatening to kill the opposing negotiators unless they agree to resolve the conflict forthwith, and cables the Metropolis police to apprehend Prof. Runyan's murderers. Cornered finally by Superman, Lubane dies when, "in his excitement," he shatters a tube of the new poison gas and perishes horribly in a cloud of asphyxiating fumes (S No. 2/2: "Superman Champions Universal Peace!")(TGSB).

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