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Art by Curt Swan & Geo. Klein

While all his friends from the present and future are in Metropolis celebrating Superman Day, the date of Superman's arrival on Earth, the Man of Steel lay dying from exposure to a chunk of Green Kryptonite - courtesy of an anniversary present from the warped mind of Bizarro Number One.

As the stricken Man of Tomorrow lay helpless, he combed the festivities with his X-Ray vision to see which one of his friends would save them - prophetically one with the initals L.L as foretold by a gift, " advanced kind of computer!" from the Cybern Galaxy.

Little Leaguer!

As his life ebbed away Superman was suddenly saved by a young lad playing baseball who was wearing a uniform. Surprisingly, Superman's rescuer's name, Steven Snapinn, didn't have the initals L.L. Then, Superman saw the lettering on the back of his savior's uniform - that he was, in fact, a Little Leaguer (S No. 157/3, Nov 1962: "Superman's Day of Doom").

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