Kublai Khan

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Kublai Khan

A modern-day descendant of Kublai Khan (1215-1294), and the ruler of the fabulous lost city of Samarkist, "a fantastic fragment of the ancient Mongol empire of Kublai Khan surviving in the heart of the mysterious Himalayas," somewhere in exotic Tibet. Arriving in Samarkist in May-June 1946 in search of famed explorer Basil Garret—who had stumbled upon Samarkist some three years earlier and remained there as tutor to the Khan's lovely sloe-eyed daughter May-lin—Superman intervened repeatedly to thwart successive attempts by the fierce bandit chieftain Garjnok to kidnap May-lin, murder the Khan, and loot the city of its fabulous treasure. Garjnok and his cohort Bonzak were killed when, after dynamiting a glacier in an effort to destroy the city, they were crushed to death between a glacial fragment and an onrushing mountain ice cap dislodged by the explosion (S No. 40/2: "A Modern Marco Polo!"). (TGSB)

Some time later, Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen meets the original Kublai Khan during a time-travel adventure to the thirteenth century (SPJO No. 157/1, Mar 1973: "The Strange Second Life of Jimmy Olsen!").

(See also Kalifa)

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