Kryptonite Kid

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The Kryptonite Kid

The juvenile delinquent from the planet Blor who has the power of Green Kryptonite and is the sworn enemy of Superboy.

Kryptonite personified, the Kid and his evil pet haunt the dreams of Superboy and Krypto. Image by George Papp

In September 1960 the telepathic Kid and his Kryptonite Dog pass through a green cloud in space, both gaining an emerald hue and the attributes of Kryptonite, deadly to Superboy and all survivors of Krypton. The duo journey to Earth and use their Midas-like ability to transform everyday objects into Kryptonite, threatening the lives of Superboy and Krypto --who are only saved at the last minute by the 5th-Dimensional magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk (SB No. 83/1: "The Dreams of Doom").

Later, known as the Kryptonite Man, the villain also threatens the Man of Tomorrow as an adult (for example, S No. 299, May 1976: "The Double-or-Nothing Life of Superman!").

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