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New Adventures of Superboy #18


A super-powered identiy that Smallville High student and Superboy acquaintence Carl "Moosie" Draper assumes in a 1981 chronicle.

Draper had previously suggested to Superboy that he create a robotic adversary as a means of developing and honing the hero's abilities in combat. This robot, dubbed Kator, is created with a host of superhuman powers that roughly approximate those of the Boy of Steel, and can only be destroyed with a specially designed "safety cutoff switch" that Superboy gives to Jonathan Kent as a last resort in case the hero is unable to defeat the robot.

Kator, however, develops a malevolent artificial intelligence, and almost kills the Boy of Steel before being destroyed. However, the robot apparently gives it's identity and powers to Draper before it's destruction. As Kator-Two, Draper engages Superboy in combat, but is defeated when Jonathan Kent presses the safety switch on the "cutoff" device, removing Draper's "Kator-Two" super powers. Superboy later removes the memory of Draper ever having been Kator-Two (NSB No. 17, May 1981: "To Fight the Unbeatable Foe"; NSB No. 18, Jun 1981: "Superboy's Do-It-Yourself Doom").

The Kator-Two identity is not the only criminal identity that Draper assumes in his lifetime. Years later, when both he and Superboy are adults, Draper becomes the villain known as the Master Jailer, an adversary of the now adult Superman (S No. 331, Jan 1979: "Lockup at 20,000 Feet!").

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