Justice Society of America of Earth-2

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The JSA. Art by George Perez from Justice League of America No. 195, 1981. Top row (l-r): Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt, Robin, Hourman, Wonder Woman, Superman. Middle row (l-r): The Star-Spangled Kid, The Atom, Hawkman, The Huntress, The Flash, Doctor Fate. Bottom row (l-r): Johnny Thunder, Green Lantern, Power Girl, Doctor Mid-Nite, Wildcat. Not Pictured: Batman, Sandman, The Spectre, Starman, Mister Terrific, Black Canary, Red Tornado.

The Justice Society of America of Earth-2

The foremost grouping of costumed crimefighters on the parallel world of Earth-2 (first appearance: All Star Comics No. 3, Winter 1940/1941). Superman of Earth-2 is a founding member of this team, which also counts among its illustrious roster Superman's cousin Power Girl (DCCP No. 56, Apr 1983: "Death in a Dark Dimension"). The JSA annually meets with Earth-1's Justice League of America (first team-up: Justice League of America No. 21, Aug 1963: "Crisis on Earth-One!"; Justice League of America No. 22, Sep 1963: "Crisis on Earth-Two!").

Known Members

All of the above are founding members; Subsequent recruits are listed below in the order in which they joined.

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