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Unstuck in time art by Curt Swan from Superboy No. 53

aka Ma and Pa Kent

Superman's Earth parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, who rescue a young Kal-El from his crashed Kryptonian rocket upon his arrival on Earth.

The details of the adoption of youing Kal differ, some accounts tell of a waiting period at Smallville orphanage, and Action No. 1 (1938) tells of the baby being found by a "passing motorist" (also, see Smallville Orphanage). Most texts agree that the Kents were farmers who later move to Smallville so that Jonathan can run a small store.

Naming the young Superbaby Clark , Martha's maiden name, the Kents care for the child as their own and nurture him with love, instilling in him the qualities of morality, hope and emboldening his dreams.

Later stories chronicle a serum from another planet that restores many years of youth to Jonathan and Martha Kent (SB No. 145, Mar 1968: "The Fantastic Faces!").

The chronicles contain many differing accounts of the death of the Kents. Many early tellings state that Martha dies first and Jonathan some time later, with Jonathan's deathbed conversation with Clark being important to Clark becoming a hero (S No. 53, Jul/Aug 1948: "The Origin of Superman") of continuing his career started as Superboy (Act No. 158, Jul 1951: The Kid from Krypton"). Another story tells that the Kents pass away because of a strange virus, the Fever Plague. In most stories, Clark moves to Metropolis permanently after the death of the Kents.

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