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Jonathan "Jon" Ross

Jon Ross and Superman. Art by Curt Swan and Tex Blaisdell, 1976.

The young son of Pete Ross who, like his father, knows the secret of Superman's double life as Clark Kent (Act No. 457, Mar 1976: "Superman, You're Not Clark Kent -- and I Can Prove It!").

Jon occasionally visits Clark Kent in Metropolis, using his knowledge of Clark's alter ego to help Superman in his adventures. Once, Jon is temporarily given Superman's powers as a result of a plan by the Parasite (S No. 304, Oct 1976: "The Parasite's Prism of Power!"). On another occasion, Jon helps Superman defeat the super-villain Blackrock (S No. 315, Sep 1977: "Good Evening Superman --I'm Clark Kent ... and You're Not!").

Some time later, Superman is recruited by Pete to rescue his son from the planet Nyrvn (DCCP No. 13, Sep 1979: "To Live in Peace--Nevermore!"). When Superman is prevented from rescuing the boy, Pete Ross is driven temporarily insane. This situation is remedied when the Man of Steel ultimately reunites father and son (DCCP No. 25, Sep 1980: "Judgment Night").

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