John Nicholas

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John Nicholas

A self-made millionaire -- an orphan who was forced to work throughout his youth without any chance for fun or pleasure -- who, having made out a will setting aside the bulk of his fortune for the construction of a chain of admission-free amusement parks for children throughout the country, then proceeds to fake his own death as a ploy to test the integrity of his three nephews, who, under the terms of a special provision of the will, are to receive their uncle's millions in place of the amusement-park project in the event the first park proves unsafe or uninteresting to children. Believing their uncle dead, two of the nephews promptly hire gangster Fancy Dan and his henchmen to cause a series of “accidents” at the first amusement park so as to prove “unsafe,” but Superman intervenes to capture the criminals, and the nephews, repelled by Fancy Dan's brutal methods and remorseful over what they have done, are overjoyed to learn that their uncle is really alive and wholeheartedly endorse his plan to construct the amusement park chain (Act No. 81, Feb 1945 “Fairyland Isle!”).

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