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The Bizarro World By Wayne Boring

Htrae The Bizarro World

Located light-years away in space in another far-off solar system. A wacky world where perfection is hated and everything is mixed up and where all Earthly customs are back-wards. The capital of Htrae is Bizarro City. The flag of Htrae is a backward imitation of the American flag, with alternating blue and White horizontal strips and red stars on a field of white.

Originally colonized by Bizarro and Bizarro-Lois, the planet, which is also called Bizarro World, was populated soon afterward by numerous additional Bizarros created by means of an ingenious imitator machine and was christened Htrae (Earth spelled back-wards) by its Bizarro inhabitants. To the everlasting joy of the Bizarro population, Superman transforms Htrae from a conventional round world into a zany-looking cube-shaped square world during a visit to the planet in 1960.

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