Herbert Binkle

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A recent journalism graduate from Northville College who applies for a reporter’s job on the Daily Planet and, at Clark Kent’s suggestion, persuades editor Perry White to promise him employment if he can successfully acquire seven major stories over the course of the next seven days. In the days that follow, unbeknownst to Binkle, Superman – who has become increasingly resentful of Lois Lane’s “mania for scoops” and of the time and trouble it takes to keep her out of danger—surreptitiously manufactures a series of major news stories for Binkle in hopes that he can help the eager Binkle make good and at the same time “take some of the scoop-craziness out of Lois” by showing here that she can be “outclassed by a beginner like Herbert.” Lois ultimately learns of Superman’s secret ai to Binkle, but like a good sport she refrains from exposing himo on the ground that Binkle is an innocent party who would only be hurt by the revelation (Act No. 138, Nov 1949: “Superman Scoop-Parade).

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