Halk Kar

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An alien from the far-distant planet Thoron, once befriended by Jor-El after crash-landing on Krypton shortly before that planet exploded, who arrives on Earth in a rocket ship in January-February 1953—afflicted with amnesia and endowed with super-powers similar to, but not nearly as great as, Superman's—under circumstances that lead both Halk Kar and Superman to believe, albeit erroneously, that Halk Kar is the eldest son of Jor-El and therefore Superman's big brother. Finally, however, as the result of an electric shock he receives during Superman's battle with the "Wrecker" Ross mob—a gang of extortionists whom Superman ultimately apprehends—Halk Kar recovers his memory , recalls his visit to Krypton and brief friendship with Jor-El, and, soon afterward, bids Superman a fond farewell and blasts off for Thoron, his home planet (S No. 80/1: "Superman's Big Brother!").

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